The James Xander Trip is a podcast that dives into the minds of spiritual seekers & consciousness explorers to bring you the most actionable ideas around spirituality, psychedelics, plant medicine, manifestation, mindset, and self-improvement.

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Each episode is designed to connect you deeper with your soul, and to inspire and connect you with the magic and destiny of life.

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#25: DMT Journeys Into the Holographic Reality w/ Damian Schechter – Exploring Ayahuasca, Changa, San Pedro, Kambo, and Sananga

Episode 25 — Damian Schechter (@damian_theallrounder) joins James Xander (@emperorjames) on The James Xander Trip, for a deep, DMT-infused conversation about his psych...

#24: From Bufo with Love – The God Molecule and the Mysteries of 5-MeO-DMT w/ Gabor Orszaczky

Episode 24 — Gabor Orszaczky (@orszaczky) joins James Xander (@emperorjames) on The James Xander Trip for a profound conversation on Bufo, Ayahausca, Love, Source, and...

#23: James Xander – Manifestation, Mushrooms, Neville Goddard, The Mysteries of Reality & Where Are We, Anyway? feat. Tom Spark

Episode 23 — James Xander (@emperorjames) joins Tom Spark (@tomspark_) as a guest on The Spark Podcast, for a deep conversation on the nature of reality, manifestation...

#22: Bonnie Boyda – Manifestation, Reality Expanders, The Importance of Why, Navigating Your 30's, Manifesting Money, Lessons from Love & Relationships, The Benefits of Coaching, Overcoming Self-Sabotage, and The Power of Prayer

Episode 22 — Bonnie Boyda (@bonnie.boyda) joins James Xander (@emperorjames) on The James Xander Trip for an insightful conversation on manifestation, reality expander...

#21: Maggie Moon – The Secret to Great Relationships, Masculine vs Feminine, Kundalini Awakening, Spinal Energetics, Mushroom Journeys, and Honoring Your Inner Child

Episode 21 — Maggie Moon (@maggiemooon) joins James Xander (@emperorjames) on The James Xander Trip, for a deep conversation about relationships, love, masculine vs fe...

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