#9: Danny Miranda: The Journey to Self-Love & Discovering One's Purpose

Episode 9 – Danny Miranda (@heydannymiranda) is a writer, meditator, YouTuber, and the host of The Danny Miranda Podcast.   

It was an honour and an absolute pleasure to sit down with this beautiful soul and talk about life, the Universe, and the power of our mind. Thank you for joining me for our epic conversation, Danny!

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In this conversation, Danny and I dive into:

• How Danny's podcast changed his thinking
• The most challenging part of running the pod
• Danny's time management process
• The '1000 Pieces of Content' philosophy
• Danny's spiritual journey so far
• Lessons from A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle
• Danny's thoughts on God
• Danny's mushroom trip experiences
• What is the true nature of reality?
• The idea of 'we are all one'
• Being good at 'getting punched in the face'
• Advice for those who want to put themselves out there
• Danny's thoughts on ego
• The power of meditation in Danny's life
• The parallel between mushrooms and meditation
• Danny's no-technology detox
• Danny's experiments with affirmations
• Danny's journey with self-love
• New York vs Austin vibes
• How Danny navigated his dark night of the soul
• How to overcome depression
• Viewing the past as fate vs free will
• Why introspection is overrated
• Danny's advice to his younger self
• Danny's experience with a psychic
• What Danny learned from his mom
• Danny's thoughts on relationships
• The 2 books that changed Danny's life
• Danny's dream for the planet
• Danny's advice on how to live an epic life

Books mentioned:

• A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle
• Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It by Kamal Ravikant
• With Winning in Mind by by Lanny Bassham


0:00 – Introduction
1:53 – Lessons from Podcasting
5:55 – Danny’s Time Management
8:15 – 1000 Pieces of Content
12:27 – Danny’s Spiritual Journey
14:10 – Lessons from A New Earth
17:19 – Danny’s Experience with Mushrooms
20:30 – We are all one
22:00 – How to take the punches of life
26:50 – Journey with ego
28:28 – The power of meditation
33:52 – No-Technology Detox
37:30 – Experiments with affirmations
39:57 – Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It by Kamal Ravikant
43:35 – New York vs Austin
47:10 – Navigating the Dark Night of the Soul
52:00 – How to get out of depression
57:00 – Viewing the past as fate vs free will
1:00:00 – Introspection is overrated
1:01:09 – Danny’s Younger Self Advice
1:04:26 – The Lightning Round
1:05:14 – Danny’s Psychic Experience
1:07:51 – What Danny Learned from His Mom
1:09:40 – Danny on Love & Relationships
1:11:59 – The two books that changed Danny’s life
1:13:15 – Danny’s Dream for the Planet
1:15:06 – How to Live an Epic Life

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#9: Danny Miranda: The Journey to Self-Love & Discovering One's Purpose
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