#13: Jess Woodley – Psychedelics, Love, Vipassana, Fame & Reality TV, and Life After 'Made in Chelsea'

Episode 13 – Jess Woodley (@jessicaannewoodley) is a television personality known for appearing on Made in Chelsea. She's also a music video director, an entrepreneur, an artist, and a spiritual explorer. In today’s episode, we’re going to explore her experiences with reality TV, her relationship with fame, her spiritual and psychedelic experiences, the importance of solitude, and the impact Vipassana had on her.

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It was a delight to spend time with Jess, and dive deep into her life experiences and insights!

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In this episode, Jess and I dove into:

• Jess's experience on Made in Chelsea
• Thoughts on reality TV
• Jess’s relationship with fame
• Jess’s experience with mushrooms
• The importance of solitude
• The impact of Aldous Huxley’s Island
• Her experience with Vipassana
• Jess’s first love experience
• Manifestation
• and much more...

Books and writers mentioned:
Island by Aldous Huxley
All About Love by Bell Hooks
• Miranda July

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James Xander
James Xander
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#13: Jess Woodley – Psychedelics, Love, Vipassana, Fame & Reality TV, and Life After 'Made in Chelsea'
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